Discover the Best Vegan Meals for Air Travel

Looking for the ultimate vegan feast to indulge in during your next flight? Look no further!

This article is your ultimate guide to discovering the best vegan meals for air travel. From juicy fruit platters to delectable vegan Oriental dishes, we've got all your taste buds covered.

Not only will these meals keep you fueled and satisfied, but they'll also enhance your overall well-being. So get ready to embark on a nourishing journey that will make your taste buds dance with delight.

Key Takeaways

  • Fruit platters and raw vegetarian meals are good options for those with food allergies or sensitive digestion.
  • Vegan meals on airlines often include a main dish like pasta or rice with overcooked vegetables, a small side salad, fresh fruit, and bread.
  • Vegetarian Oriental meals can vary in taste and satisfaction, sometimes being delicious and sometimes not satisfying.
  • Jain vegetarian meals are a safer choice for a cooked vegan meal without wheat and are prepared in Indian style.

Vegan Airline Meal Options

If you're looking for vegan options while flying, there are various airlines that offer vegan meal choices. These vegan-friendly airlines understand the importance of catering to different dietary needs.

When it comes to vegan meal customization, you have several options to choose from. Some airlines provide a fruit platter consisting of fresh fruits and a bread roll, which is a safe choice for those with food allergies or sensitive digestion. However, it may not be enough for long-haul flights.

Another option is the raw vegetarian meal, usually a large plate of salad with a small portion of fruit. For a more satisfying option, you can pack an avocado and some raw vegan snacks.

The vegan meal is a Western-style strict vegetarian meal without dairy, eggs, or honey. It often includes pasta with tomato sauce or rice with overcooked vegetables, along with a small side salad, fresh fruit, and bread. Keep in mind that a gluten-free vegan option may not be available.

If you prefer Chinese-style cuisine, you can opt for the vegetarian oriental meal, which typically consists of rice or noodles, tofu, and vegetables. However, be aware that soy products may be GMO, so tofu can be avoided and fake meats may be used instead.

Lastly, there's the Jain vegetarian meal, prepared in Indian style for followers of Jainism. This spicy combination of cooked vegetables, basmati rice, and a legume avoids garlic, onions, mushrooms, and root vegetables, making it a safer choice for a cooked vegan meal without wheat.

Benefits of Eating Healthy While Traveling

Eating healthy while traveling can provide numerous benefits for your overall well-being.

The importance of nutrition during travel can't be overstated, as it can boost your energy levels, support your immune system, and prevent illness. By maintaining a balanced diet while on the go, you can improve digestion, prevent digestive issues, and even help maintain a healthy weight.

Nourishing your body with healthy foods can enhance your overall well-being and make your travel experience more enjoyable. To ensure you stay on track with your healthy eating, it's important to plan ahead and pack nutritious snacks like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

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You can also research vegan-friendly restaurants or grocery stores at your destination to make meal planning easier. By prioritizing your nutrition while traveling, you can take care of your body and feel your best throughout your journey.

Healthy Travel Snacks

When you're traveling, packing fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks can provide you with convenient and nutritious options. But there are plenty of other vegan meal ideas and nutritious travel snacks that can keep you satisfied and energized on your journey. Consider incorporating the following options into your travel snack repertoire:

Nuts and seedsPortable and packed with healthy fats and protein
Homemade energy bars or granolaPrepared in advance for a quick and filling snack
Rice cakes or whole grain crackersEasy to pack and satisfy cravings
Dried fruits and trail mixSweet and satisfying option

These snacks are not only delicious, but they also provide essential nutrients to keep you going throughout your travels. So, don't forget to stock up on these vegan travel snacks before your next adventure!

Tips for Raw Vegan Travel

Don't forget to research local raw vegan options at your destination to help plan your meals. When traveling as a raw vegan, it's important to have a strategy in place to ensure you can maintain your dietary preferences. Here are some raw vegan travel tips to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

First, consider packing some raw vegan meal ideas that are easy to transport. Dehydrated snacks like kale chips or raw granola can provide sustenance during your travels. You can also bring a small blender or food processor to make on-the-go smoothies or prepare raw food.

Next, take advantage of local markets and grocery stores to find fresh produce. Exploring these places can be an exciting part of the travel experience, and you'll have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from.

Finally, staying hydrated is essential. Make sure to carry a reusable water bottle with you to stay hydrated throughout your journey.

Vegan Travel Food

Make sure to pack non-perishable snacks like nut butter packets or protein bars to ensure you have food options during your vegan travels. While airlines may offer vegan meal options, it's always a good idea to have some backup snacks on hand.

Here are some tips for vegan travel food:

  • Customize your vegan meals: Many airlines now offer vegan meal options upon request. You can customize your meal to accommodate dietary restrictions like gluten-free or raw vegan. Just make sure to inform the airline of your preferences in advance.
  • Pack non-perishable snacks: Along with your customized meals, it's important to have some non-perishable snacks handy. Nut butter packets and protein bars are great options that provide a good source of energy and nutrients.
  • Research vegan-friendly options: Before your trip, research vegan-friendly restaurants or grocery stores at your destination. This will make it easier to plan your meals and ensure you have access to vegan food options.
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Fruit Platter (FPML)

You can enjoy a refreshing and healthy option during your air travel with a Fruit Platter (FPML), consisting of a variety of fresh fruits and a bread roll.

This light and nutritious meal is perfect for those looking for a satisfying vegan option while flying.

The Fruit Platter typically includes a selection of the best fruits for a fruit platter such as sliced melons, juicy berries, refreshing citrus fruits, and sweet tropical fruits.

The addition of a bread roll provides a source of carbohydrates to keep you energized throughout your journey.

To make a satisfying fruit platter for air travel, it's important to choose fruits that are easy to eat and won't spoil quickly.

Packing fruits like grapes, sliced apples, and peeled oranges can ensure that you have a delicious and nourishing snack to enjoy during your flight.

Raw Vegetarian Meal (RVML)

Try the Raw Vegetarian Meal (RVML) for a fresh and wholesome option on your next flight. This meal is perfect for those who follow a raw vegan diet or simply want to enjoy a nutritious, uncooked meal.

Here are some reasons why you should consider the RVML:

  • Creative raw vegan recipes: The RVML offers a variety of creative and delicious raw vegan recipes. From colorful salads to zucchini noodles with fresh tomato sauce, you can expect a burst of flavors and textures in every bite.
  • Raw vegan meal prep tips: If you're interested in preparing raw vegan meals for your travels, the RVML can provide inspiration and ideas. You can learn how to make raw vegan snacks like energy balls or raw granola bars, and discover new ways to incorporate fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds into your meals.
  • Fresh and wholesome ingredients: The RVML is made with fresh and wholesome ingredients, ensuring that you receive a nutrient-dense meal. You can expect a generous portion of vibrant fruits and vegetables, along with a variety of raw nuts and seeds for added protein and healthy fats.

Vegan Meal (VGML)

If you're craving a satisfying and flavorful vegan meal on your next flight, look no further than the Vegan Meal (VGML). This option is perfect for vegans who want to enjoy a delicious meal while in the air.

One great thing about VGML is that it offers customization options to accommodate various dietary preferences and restrictions. You can request a gluten-free vegan meal or even a raw vegan meal, depending on your needs.

The availability of VGML may vary depending on the airline you're flying with. Many airlines now offer vegan meal options upon request, but it's always a good idea to check with your specific airline before your flight.

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Vegetarian Oriental Meal (VOML)

If you're in the mood for a delicious vegan meal with an oriental twist during your next flight, the Vegetarian Oriental Meal (VOML) is a great option to consider. This vegan meal is prepared in Chinese style and typically includes rice or noodles, tofu or vegan fake meats, and a variety of vegetables.

However, if you're looking for vegan alternatives to soy products in your VOML, you can request for tofu to be avoided, as soy products may be genetically modified. Instead, you can opt for dishes that include vegetables and grains as the main focus.

Additionally, for travelers with wheat allergies who are looking for Jain vegetarian meal options, the VOML can be a safe choice. Jain vegetarian meals are prepared in Indian style and avoid garlic, onions, mushrooms, and root vegetables. This provides a cooked vegan meal option without wheat, making it suitable for those with wheat allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vegan Meals Available on All Airlines?

Yes, vegan meals are available on many airlines. You can customize your meal to fit dietary restrictions like gluten-free or raw vegan. However, availability may vary on budget airlines.

Can Vegan Meal Options Be Customized to Accommodate Specific Dietary Restrictions?

Yes, vegan meal options can be customized to accommodate specific dietary restrictions. Airlines offer a variety of vegan meals, including gluten-free and raw vegan options. You can also pack non-perishable snacks for your journey.

Are Vegan Meals More Expensive Compared to Regular Airline Meals?

Vegan meals can be affordable, depending on the airline and your preferences. Some airlines offer vegan options at no extra cost, while others may charge a small fee. It's important to check with the airline beforehand.

How Can I Ensure I Have Access to Vegan Food Options During a Long-Haul Flight With Limited Meal Intervals?

To ensure access to vegan food options on long-haul flights with limited meal intervals, consider vegan meal delivery services or pack your own snacks. Here are some tips for packing vegan snacks for air travel.

Are There Any Specific Airlines Known for Offering Exceptional Vegan Meal Options?

When it comes to specific airlines with the best vegan meal options, there are a few standouts. Research and pre-order your vegan meals to ensure a satisfying and delicious experience during air travel.


In conclusion, embark on your vegan travel adventure with confidence, knowing that there are a plethora of delectable and nourishing options available to satisfy your palate while in the air.

From the refreshing and vibrant Fruit Platter (FPML) to the wholesome and raw goodness of the Raw Vegetarian Meal (RVML), you can indulge in flavors that will enhance your overall well-being.

So, sit back, relax, and relish in the best vegan meals for air travel, ensuring a satisfying and nourishing journey.